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This page is dedicated to all things "slack"  (Hawai'ian Slack Key Guitar)

Hawaiian slack key guitar is one of the world's great guitar traditions. Called ki ho`alu in Hawaiian, it developed in the 19th Century. Legend has it the first guitars were brought by cowboys imported from Alta California to deal with wild cattle. By day, the paniolo taught the Hawaiians to rope and ride, by night they serenaded them with the soft sounds of Spanish guitars..

ki ho`alu means "loosen the key" – it refers to retuning some of strings to create a harmonious sound. There are hundreds of slack tunings – most players stick to a few that define their personal style. Tunings have wonderful names like Taro Patch (D-G-D-G-B-D low to high); Drop C (Also known as Leonard's C, after Leonard Kwan) (C-G-D-G-B-D), and Double Slack (a.k.a G Wahine or Namakelua's Tuning) (D-G-D-F#-B-D).

“Old Time Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar” is a collection of solo instrumental songs and medleys featuring the lilting finger-style guitar technique Mark learned by sitting in with master players like Uncle Ray Kane, Keola Beamer, Led Kaapana, John Keawe and Kevin Brown. These are the classic songs, played just as you’d hear them in a backyard kani kapila – full of interesting twists and turns, sometimes richly complex, but always nahenahe ~ “sweet!”

...Awesome, I'm learning so much!


Here is my K S Lofquist Custom 000

Hi'ilawe by Israel Kamakawiwi'ole